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How to Get Amtrak's Student Discount

The United States' national railway service offers a student discount to people aged 17 to 25. It's not hard to get, but there are a few rules to follow. Here's how to book a student discount on Amtrak.

Amtraks' student discount deal gets travelers 15% off the price of a "Value" or "Flexible Fare" ticket that has been booked at least three days in advance.

Getting the deal requires that you show the conductor a valid student I.D. on the train—make sure you have the original and not a photocopy or image.

The student discount won't always work on Acela trains, Thruway connecting services, or trains operated by Canada's Via Rail. 

You have to book using Amtrak's website:, and sometimes tickets will sell out. It won't work if you book via the mobile version, and it won't work if you buy your ticket on the train. You also can't cancel your ticket once it's purchased, nor can you combine the 15% off with any other discount.

The deal joins a few other good Amtrak railway discounts, including 15% off for people over 61, half off for kids aged 2 to 12, and 10% off for AAA members.