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Notes to Self: On Becoming Lighthouse Innkeepers

By Wayne Bayliff

Posted on 02/22/2018, 10:00 PM

There are certain jobs that people dream about. A frequent fancy in a troubled world is being a lighthouse innkeeper where one can enjoy the peace and serenity of the ocean and abundant sea life.  We wanted to see if the lifestyle of a lighthouse innkeeper might be in our future. We arranged for a visit to East Brother Island and its popular light-station located just 30 minutes from San Fra...

Take the Kids to See the Elephant Seals at Año Nuevo State Park

By Wayne Bayliff

Posted on 02/14/2018, 1:00 AM

If you fancy yourself a nature lover, there’s a habitat for elephant seals along the California coast that you won't want to miss. Visit between December and March During the December to March mating season, there are docent led nature walks at Año Nuevo State Park where you can learn all about the habits and habitats of one of nature's most enormous creatures, the elephant seal. The m...

The Ideal First Cruise for Seniors

By Wayne Bayliff

Posted on 06/30/2017, 4:45 AM

On our last cruise we were delighted to meet a number of first-time cruisers in their seventies and eighties. When they heard we were travel photojournalists, they were more than willing to offer opinions and comments that helped form the foundation for this article, which we dedicate to them. The perfect first cruise We had not planned to write about senior cruising when we signed...

Our First River Cruise: Eastern Europe on Viking

By Wayne Bayliff

Posted on 03/21/2017, 2:45 AM

After writing scores of articles about ocean cruises, we decided to see what motivates vacationers to take European river cruises. We are glad we did. So much to choose from There are endless selections of river cruise itineraries on the internet, so we sought the guidance of three prominent river cruise companies in Europe – Amway, Uniworld, and Viking. Viking River Cruises c...

The Magnificent Oregon Coast in Winter

By Wayne Bayliff

Posted on 01/25/2017, 3:30 AM

Much of the Oregon coast consists of miles and miles of beautiful sandy beaches, which may be exactly what you are looking for if you seek total relaxation. However, if you crave excitement, check out the wild 40 miles of rocky shoreline that begins in the north at Waldport, Oregon and zigzags south along curvy Highway 101. Here, for your winter touring pleasure, nature provi...

Remembering December 7, 1941 on the USS Arizona Memorial in Pearl Harbor

By Wayne Bayliff

Posted on 12/05/2016, 8:45 AM

The USS Arizona Memorial is a national monument honoring those who served in the Pacific Theatre during and after the Japanese naval assault on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. The memorial structure is built on and directly over the rusted remains of the sunken battleship USS Arizona. This is the final resting place of 1,177 Americans killed when a bomb penetrated the deck above the...

The Historic Thayer Hotel At West Point

By Wayne Bayliff

Posted on 11/10/2016, 10:45 PM

Few public inns in the United States can boast the patriotic pedigree of the Thayer Hotel at West Point. General Douglas MacArthur stayed at the Thayer whenever he visited the military academy. Dwight D. Eisenhower did the same – both as a general and as president of the United States. Four other presidents including John F. Kennedy enjoyed visiting the hotel - you will too. The b...

Head for Oregon and Vacation like a San Francisco Sea Lion

By Wayne Bayliff

Posted on 06/24/2016, 3:00 AM

The famous San Francisco sea lions that occupy prime dock space on Pier 39 first appeared there shortly after the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake. Then in 2009 they mysteriously disappeared for three months. Where did they go?  Oregonians believe that the celebrity sea lions headed north to holiday on the turbulent and exciting shores of the central coast of Oregon. To be exact, they head...

Cruising New Zealand's Fiordland National Park

By Wayne Bayliff

Posted on 04/15/2016, 3:15 AM

The "Other Down Under" destination of New Zealand is on the Bucket List of many Americans -- and justly so. Problem is, New Zealand is a long way from anywhere U.S.A. Consequently, most tourists want to see as much as possible on their first visit. Our suggestion for an orientation trip to New Zealand – book a cruise. The rationale A cruise will visit several ports on the two islands o...

Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania Remembers the Great Athlete

By Wayne Bayliff

Posted on 03/10/2016, 3:00 AM

The name “Jim Thorpe” may no longer be a household name in America, but in the early 1900s there was nary a child or sports fan that did not know of his legendary sports achievements. Enrolled in the Carlyle Indian Industrial School in Pennsylvania in 1904, the Sac and Fox Native American from Oklahoma, was destined to become one of the most celebrated athletes of the 20th Century. ...

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