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A New App for Your Cellphone or Tablet Lets You Read Magazines for Free, But only at an Airport or in the Plane!

    If an entrepreneur were to create a cellphone app that permitted you to read various magazines free of charge, that wouldn't be a news event suitable for discussion on a travel-related website like this one.


     But when an entrepeneur creates a free-of-charge magazine app that is usable only when you are at an airport--in other words, an app available only to people who are taking a flight and going to an airport--then that's travel news--big travel news. And we're happy to be the first travel blog or article to bring that bonanza to your attention.


     The app is called "Inflight Reader" and it's produced by a company called "Inflight Digital".  The latter headlines its new product with the claim that "Every Airport is Now a Free Newsstand Reading Lounge".  The new app works at more than 550 airports in the United States (and a few foreign airports), which are apparently electronically endowed to make the app operational only when the user clicks on the app when that user is at the airport.


     Here's how it works:  You can activate the app even when you are at home, just before going to the airport.  But the app then works to permit you to read a magazine only when you are physically at the airport.  Click on it at the airport and you can pull up dozens of popular magazines published in the U.S., free of charge, and read them--at the airport, in the air, or at your destination, within 24 hours after activating the app.


     Once the 24 hour period of use has expired, you have the option of either buying (or not buying) the article you have been reading for a small sum, or else you can buy a subscription (or not buy it) to the entire magazine.  Even if you decide not to buy the magazine, you have read it for free, for 24 hours after arriving at the airport.


     The app works on any iPad, iPhone, Kindle Fire, HDs, and Android Tablets and smartphones.  It is, again, totally free of charge for 24 hours after you activate it at one of the 550 airports.  According to the company's press release:  "Waiting at the airport just got easier, cheaper, and a lot more enjoyable for travelers who want magazine content on their mobile devices--both at the airport and for the first day of their trip".


     Download:  "Inflight Reader", keeping in mind that you can do that from home before leaving for the airport, even though the app will work only when you actually are at the airport, before boarding your plane.