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A Website Called Wanderu is Now Able to Advise You About Nearly All the Low-Cost Bus Services for Travel in the U.S.A

With the recent expansion of a major internet site for booking bus transportation, the bus has come into its own as a major method for travel within the United States.  None other than the mighty Greyhound has now added its thousands of daily departures to the choices offered on
     And why is that important?  It's because Greyhound is no longer the most expensive of our domestic bus services.  Beset by strong competition from the "budget bus lines", especially Bolt Bus and Megabus, Greyhound has dropped its fares on a number of its routes, and now offers a dynamic array of opportunities for the cost-conscious traveler.  Going to, it's now possible to find a great many advantageous alternatives to transportation by air or train. 
     Up until now, has mainly been a service for using the many small and cheap bus lines that came into being several years ago with the advent of the so-called "Chinatown buses" operating between New York and Boston/Washington, D.C.  Using old buses with few amenities, and sometimes employing less-than-skilled drivers for its trips, the "Chinatown buses" were a counter-culture method of travel utilized by optimistic, bargain-seeking young people. 
     But after a series of near-accidents and poor service, some of the "Chinatown buses" were put out of business by government regulators anxious about the safety of these often-unlicensed and financially-weak companies.  At the same time, larger and better-financed companies--Bolt Bus and Megabus, in particular--entered the field, and began offering service all across the country, not only in the East and Mid-West, but in southern states and on the West Coast and Pacific Northwest as well.  A large segment of the cost-conscious public began booking these impressive and well-priced lines. 
     Greyhound began to suffer, and soon was forced to match the low prices, on occasion, of Bolt Bus and Megabus.  And more recently, Greyhound has apparently resolved to increase its low-cost appeal by offering its services on, the chief compendium of bus trips within the U.S. 
     So now, the cost-conscious traveler has a reliable and easy means of determining all the options available to them. is a well-designed, easy-to-use website that quickly responds to your desire to learn what's available and at what cost.  No longer need you pay the often-expensive price of airfares.  No longer need you rely on an inadequate system of train transportation by our under-funded Amtrak. not only lists the non-stop trips by bus between numerous U.S. cities, but also tells you how to use several bus lines and connections for traveling to more-lightly-visited destinations.
     If you've never looked at, you should do so now.  By including Greyhound's routes, it now offers an excellent and comprehensive service.