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Add this Website to Your Vacation Planning Bookmarks: Hotel Can Halve the Going Rates

Think about the times you have been on a road trip and you pulled over for a quick meal at a chain restaurant. You know those piles of free booklets piled by the door of seemingly every Denny's, Waffle House, or Perkins (and thousands of other places) in America? 

Don't ignore them. Pick one up. One of the biggest titles is published nationwide by, and its "Green Guide" newsprint giveaways and its mobile apps help hotel managers pump out discounts across America and Canada. But because it's given away at the side of the road, most of us never remember to check its deals. 

What kind of deals? Right now in Dallas, for example, the Hotel Indigo costs $99 via the Green Guide but goes for $121 on its own site. In Orlando, a king-bed room in the Destiny Palms Hotel, which costs $60 if you walk up to the front desk, is being advertised for $30 in the Green Guide. 

Yes, it's true that the coupons are only good as long as there's availability, but for the biggest tourist destinations serves, there are usually enough beds to go around in all but the highest of high seasons.

Some of the hotels are also not always the one you might choose without the inducement of savings, so don't turn off your smart consumer sense just because you see a low dollar amount. And some of the hotels respresented might offer similar rates if you go to them directly — it all depends on how the management markets itself — so cross-reference price quotes between the Green Guide and the ones given by the hotels and the booking sites you already use, just to make sure you're getting the deal you want.