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Another Foolish Effort by Trump to Ban Travel to Cuba, Says Arthur Frommer | Frommer's Shutterstock

Another Foolish Effort by Trump to Ban Travel to Cuba, Says Arthur Frommer

As if their previous efforts had not been sufficiently foolish, the Trump administration has just announced a further effort to reduce travel to Cuba.  
Effective in just a few days, it will no longer be legal for American airlines to operate flights from the United States to any Cuban city other than Havana.  
Because the average American tourist to Cuba is eager to visit Havana, the new measure is apparently aimed at travel to Cuba by former Cuban citizens wanting to visit their relatives living in cities other than Havana that are located up and down the Cuban coast.  
The new measure, strangely enough, was apparently suggested by Senator Marco Rubio of Florida, who represents many Cuban immigrants.
What explains these constant measures by the Trump people (other than votes by elderly Cubans living in Florida)?  
They are apparently pushed by the possibility of regime change.  
By harming travel to Cuba, we will apparently hasten the day when the Cuban people will overthrow their present government. An American dream that has unsuccessfully animated our policies for more than fifty years is being given another chance.
In the meantime, will this policy suddenly prove successful?  
The people being hurt by it are not the government of Cuba but the many average Cuban people who have launched businesses catering to foreign tourists and Cuban relatives.  
From all reports, they—the average Cubans—are apparently furious at what Trump has done.  
In November of next year, the American people will be given the chance to determine whether many of these policies are continued.  
In particular, November of 2020 will determine whether Americans are no longer confronted by bizarre barriers to Cuban travel.