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Arthur Frommer: Collective Retreats are the Latest in Glamping | Frommer's Collective Retreats

Arthur Frommer: Collective Retreats are the Latest in Glamping

Instead of erecting expensive, multi-story hotels on equally expensive land, why not simply pitch large tents capable of containing twin beds or queen-sized beds?  
Why not service those tents with nearby personnel (chefs) capable of delivering meals?
Those are apparently the questions answered by the persons who have recently inaugurated the "glamorous camping" vacation housing called Collective Retreats.
Each one commands breathtaking views of American highlights ranging from famous skylines to remarkable nature.  
There are currently five Collective Retreats, with more being planned: Governors Island in New York City; the Hudson Valley; Vail, Colorado; the Texas Hill Country; and near Yellowstone National Park.
The smallest of the tents (still capable of covering twin beds or one queen-sized bed) costs $150 per couple per night but requires a short walk to a nearby private bath and toilet. The largest of the tents is accompanied by an adjacent private bath and toilet requiring no walk at all and costs $400 a night per couple.
Nearby personnel, who are stationed a short distance from all tents, are there to serve optional breakfast and dinner, or to deliver a cold lunch. 
And all tents enjoy spectacular views.  
I’ve spoken with people who have greatly enjoyed their overnights at Collective Retreats.  
You can find more information at its official website,