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Arthur Frommer: Seaweed is Invading the Mexican Caribbean, But There's a Bright Side | Frommer's Pixabay

Arthur Frommer: Seaweed is Invading the Mexican Caribbean, But There's a Bright Side

Among the current important news of travel is a sudden and mysterious drop in tourist traffic to the so-called “Mexican Caribbean” (Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Isla Mujeres, Tulum, the Mayan Riviera), an area which usually accounts for half of all tourism to Mexico.  
After several speculative guesses as to what is happening, scientists and Mexican officials have agreed that the cause is “sargassum,” a scientific term for seaweed. 
The Caribbean coastline of that nation (including Belize, pictured above)—the beaches, the shallow ocean depths—is swimming in the stuff, and hundreds of thousands of would-be beach-loving vacationers are canceling their stays in droves.  
The situation is so fearful that the new President of Mexico, Señor Obrador, has called on experts in the Mexican navy to eliminate the slimy vegetation.  
Their efforts have thus far failed to solve the problem, and resort hotels of Mexico are facing huge vacancies in their reservations. 
Chalk up another victory for climate change.
But here’s a travel opportunity.  
If you’re content with simply lounging in a reclining chair alongside a large swimming pool, you may have no concern whatever about matters in the salt water. 
If you don’t normally spend time on a beach or in the ocean, you may be perfectly satisfied with the other attractions of the Mexican Caribbean. 
And if that is the case, you have the perfect grounds for negotiating lower prices for your stay in the major resort hotels of Mexico. 
The famous lodgings of the Mexican Caribbean are currently frantic with worry that their income is about to be cut. And you can help them and also improve the cost of your vacation by offering them a cut-rate reservation. 
You can now contact them and negotiate all sorts of discounts in the months ahead.  
The hotels there will make a deal with you, and you can enjoy a fine Mexican vacation for much less than would ordinarily be the case.  
And that’s the biggest current news in travel.