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At Last: A Big and Well-Financed New Airline is About to Charge Budget-Level Prices for Round-Trip Flights Across the Atlantic

A major recent development has been the decision by the low-cost trans-Atlantic airline called Norwegian to greatly increase the number of flights it offers from both New York City and Los Angeles to London’s Gatwick Airport. A year-or-so ago, that well-financed (Norway is a rich country, enjoying offshore oil fields) airline entered the trans-Atlantic market rather gingerly, testing the demand for cheap trans-Atlantic prices. Apparently, the response has been so positive that it is now making a plunge into greatly increased trans-Atlantic services.

If you will go its website (, you will find that you can often fly in the coming months round-trip between New York and London for as little as $600 round-trip (and for correspondingly-low prices from Los Angeles). That price is generally at least $200 and more less than other airlines charge on  the same routes. So if you haven’t yet made your arrangements to fly the Atlantic this summer and fall, you might want to take a look at what Norwegian is offering—not only to London, but to numerous other European gateways as well.

Keep in mind, of course, that those ultra-low fares aren’t available on every date, and you may have to adjust your travel plans accordingly. But if you choose the right combination of dates on Norwegian, you can cross the Atlantic round-trip for the kind of price we used to enjoy several years ago. And you can go to other destinations—the Scandinavian capitals, in particular, but also Paris—for correspondingly-low prices. 

The specific website, once again, is And further bargains are definitely expected from this aggressive new carrier, fueled by the oil wealth of Norway.