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Et Tu JetBlue? Carrier Will Be Adding Bag Fees and Extra Seats to Cabins

Today, JetBlue released a bombshell-filled securities filing, one that will make investors happy but is going to take the swing out of the step of many travelers (this one included). Starting in 2016, JetBlue will be upping the number of seats on its Airbus A320 jets from 150 to 165, severely cutting back on leg room for those of us in steerage.

In the second half of 2015, it's going to sell a new form of ticket, one that doesn't include the right to check a bag. Instead, those passengers who go for this new ticket will be hit with a luggage fee (which will, apparently, change based on demand, so hello wildly expensive Christmas luggage).

What's next? No blue potato chips?!?!?

Sigh—it's the end of an era, it seems.

Frommer's predicted this regrettable development here on this blog back in September—you can read that story here.

(Photo by Ted Murphy/Flickr)