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"Frommers Easy Guides" and "Frommers Day by Day Guides" Are the Magic Words at Online Retailers and Bookstores for Our Latest (And Sensationally Priced) Guidebooks


   Though you can access their cover photos, descriptions, and purchase information, in a number of ways, using different words, titles or "filters", the quickest and most efficient method for viewing them all is by simply inputting the words "Frommers Easy Guides" or "Frommers Day by Day Guides" into the appropriate spaces when you search for books. 

     Our brand new travel books have been commissioned with all-new design and content that will, we think, impress you mightily!  As of today, November 29, thirteen different Easy Guides and ten Day by Day Guides can either be ordered or pre-ordered in the manner specified on each site.  But by the time we get to early January, all 20 Easy Guides and all 10 new Day by Day Guides will be available to order.  Why not order your choice of the seven initial Easy Guides and five Day by Day Guides now, and then return to either site in a couple of days to order others?

     At a sensational price of as little as $8 per copy of the Easy Guides, and $10-or-so for Day by Day Guides, these books make excellent, inexpensive and yet much-appreciated Christmas gifts.  (Bear in mind that Easy Guides are a full 256 pages in length, and with a full-sized foldout map, and yet sell for an unpecedented low price).  They will be exciting, colorful  presents for friends or relatives, reminding them of the wonderful days of travel that lie ahead.