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Have You Seen Our "Store" Yet? It Provides a Quick and Easy Way to Order Our New "Easy Guides"

     The word "Store" appears on the black-and-white band that runs across the top of our main menu page.  Click on the word "Store" and you'll immediately see all twenty of the Easy Guides, selling for as little as $8.15 a copy when purchased from these online retailers.  Click on the retailer of your choice, and you'll see instructions for ordering these remarkable and fun guidebooks, either for yourself or as a Christmas gift to a friend or relative.

     Because the books will arrive in as few as two days after  you place the order, you have more than enough time to send Easy Guides to all your close friends or loved ones.  They make a novel and ingenious gift, and their remarkable usefulness will cause you to be remembered and thanked for a long time after the gift has been received.

     And you can "gift" them to yourself, as well!

     Easy Guides are now in all the bookstores across North America and in Great Britain, and they can also be ordered online.   Happy reading!