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Here's One for the Books: A New Reason, Never Before Announced, for Making a Trip to New Zealand

The following--so help me--is an actual e-mail received last week from a reader of this website:


I am currently in New Zealand on a 3 month stay.

Your website is one of the most famous for travelers all around the world. I often look at it for good advice.

I am sending this to suggest you add something to your travel guides: during my stay in Auckland, I stopped for an ice cream at GIAPO and it was amazing. The ice cream flavors are really unusual: Blue cheese & chocolate, Hookey Pokey & Bacon, Beer Brulée, and the more traditional ones are also very attractive: Kiss Kiss (chocolate & hazelnut), tiramisu, pistachio. The choice was really hard and I finally decided to take the Blue Cheese & Chocolate. All the ice cream comes with pastry as topping and I got one chocolate macaroon. I was forced to come back many times to try other flavors and each time it was wonderful.

New Zealand is a country where people eat a huge quantity of ice cream each year, it is why I think it is a part of the kiwi’s culture and it can be interesting for travelers to discover it. For me, it can be interesting to suggest they stop near the civic theater on Queen street and have an ice cream at GIAPO.

Thank you in advance to pay special attention to my request.

Best regards".