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JetBlue Can Now Hook Up All Its Passengers with Saliva-Based Virus Tests | Frommer's JetBlue Airways

JetBlue Can Now Hook Up All Its Passengers with Saliva-Based Virus Tests

United, American, and Hawaiian airlines are gradually introducing Covid-19 tests for passengers who are headed to Hawaii, a state that now demands negative results.

But JetBlue is going much further—it's helping all its customers secure prompt viral test results. You don't have to be holding a ticket for any specific destination.

The airline has announced a partnership with Vault Health. Using a special web portal, JetBlue customers with a confirmation code for future flights may request a saliva-based Covid-19 test.

The airline's swab PCR tests are self-administered at home with the virtual supervision of a specialist by Zoom video. Samples are then overnighted to the lab, which emails results within 48 and 72 hours.

A negative result serves as a ticket to enter many international locations that require proof that visitors are virus-free, although it's worth noting that some destinations require a more exacting test involving deep nasal swabs. Customers will need to check with their destinations ahead of time to ensure JetBlue's saliva-based PCR swab will satisfy entry requirements.

Passengers must also make sure to initiate the testing process early enough to meet their flight deadline.

The testing process costs $150, which JetBlue says represents a discount. The amount may be reimbursable by many insurance plans under the CARES Act.