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Many Vacationers Will Want to Attend Dubai’s Expo 2020, writes Arthur Frommer | Frommer's Ann Margarette Lopez/ Shutterstock

Many Vacationers Will Want to Attend Dubai’s Expo 2020, writes Arthur Frommer

If you haven’t yet made plans for an international vacation in 2020, you might want to consider going to Dubai late in the year.  
Starting on October 20 and continuing until April 10, 2021, Dubai will host the Middle East’s first World’s Fair, called Expo 2020.  
Although Americans will want to postpone their departure until after the early November election, they’ll have plenty of time to attend the Expo.
Regulations for your attendance at the Expo in Dubai are somewhat different from those prevailing in the rest of the Middle East. There is no dress code for women (except standard rules against semi-nudity) and liquor is sold and used in tourist hotels and restaurants. 
Moreover, the strict rules for observance of Ramadan will not be encountered, since Ramadan in the coming year does not occur until late April, after the Expo has come to an end.  
Expo 2020 will take place on 1,000 acres of land set aside for that purpose and will feature exhibitions of up to 192 nations or cities. 
Giant halls are currently under construction and exhibits will feature every conceivable form of presentation, including the latest technological advances found throughout the world. Dozens of chefs from Michelin-awarded restaurants will also be there to take care of culinary needs.
The city of Dubai itself is already a World’s Fair-like place of entertainment, including its famous re-creation of an indoor skiing area for people practiced in that sport.  
Since Expo 2020 will need to outshine the entertainment already in place throughout the city, it is expected that Dubai’s World’s Fair will be one of the best ever mounted.  
Publicity for Expo 2020 hasn’t yet been fully created and the treatment of the Expo on the internet is thus far fairly general in nature. But the ambitions of the Dubai authority are so well recognized that one can expect a superlative type of organization and instruction there. The festival will be so remarkable that Frommer's has named Dubai one of the Best Places to Go in 2020 (you can read the full feature on that subject by clicking here).
A great many Americans will want to attend (after they have first cast their votes in the national election of early November), and prudent people may want to obtain tickets on Emirates, the state-owned airline of the United Arab Emirates and the chief method of getting there. 

But numerous other airlines fly to Dubai, so there will be no problem in reaching Expo 2020.