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The Canadian "Loonie" is Dropping Fast, Improving Prospects for U.S. Trips to Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver

We've recently been focusing in on the "unfortunate five":  Argentina, Turkey, Bali, India and Japan--those nations whose currencies have weakened dramatically against the U.S. dollar and thus created big, new opportunities for U.S. tourists choosing to visit them.  But we should have added a sixth: Canada, whose currency known affectionately as the "loonie", has dropped in value almost as much.  one U.S. Dollar now buys 1.10 Canadian Dollars.
And there's further news on that front:  virtually every analyst is predicting that the Canadian dollar will decline in value even more--so great is the need of Canadian exporters to enjoy heavier sales.  The Canadian economy is otherwise slowing fast.  
But those forecasts are for business-types to consider.  From the standpoint of those superb Canadian destinations in Quebec (Montreal and Quebec City), Ottawa (Toronto and Niagara Falls), and British Columbia (Vancouver and Victoria), the key news is that Canadian vacations have become cheaper (for U.S. travelers), and will probably be cheaper still in the week ahead.  
You might take that equation into consideration in planning your vacation travels for the warmer-season months.  (Let me also point out, as an unimportant sidelight) that Frommer Media LLC has published an Easy Guide to Montreal and Quebec City that's available at all bookstores or online, or even as electronic e-books to be downloaded to your iPad.)
Photo credit: TMAB2003/Flickr