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Wanna Hear Recordings (Podcasts) of the Weekly Travel Show Presented by Arthur and Pauline Frommer? They're on the Main Menu Page of This Website!

     Click on the words "Deals and News".  A list of items will emerge, of which the fifth is "Podcast".  Click on "Podcast"--and up will appear a further list of recordings of both Hour 1 and Hour 2 of the three most recent broadcasts of "The Travel Show", as it was heard on radio stations across the country.  Click on the hour you wish to hear, and the lively broadcast--in which travel trends are noted, travel questions answered, and travel arguments ensue--will be yours to listen. 

     Although Arthur and his guidebook-writing daughter Pauline present the Travel Show for two hours each Sunday (noon to 2 p.m., Eastern time), the podcasts completely eliminate the commercials that take up about 20 scattered minutes of every hour; and the five-minute newscast that starts every hour.  So you'll be hearing an hour's show in less than 40 minutes.

     Currently, the latest program appears as a podcast on the very next day after the Sunday broadcast.  But we're working on a revision that will make it available to you at the very time it is presented live.  We're reacting, in effect, to the many e-mails we have received from users of who live in cities whose local radio stations do not carry the Travel Show (can you imagine any station being that obtuse?).  And we've obtained these podcasts courtesy of the company that syndicates our broadcast, a powerful firm called Clear Channel (largest syndicator of radio programs in the nation).  Our thanks to them.

     And now, go to "Deals & News", click on "Podcast", and settle in for an hour-or-so of discussion about the wonderful world of travel.