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When Traveling by Air, You Can Do Yourself a World of Good by Performing Certain Exercises Either in Your Seat or at the Back of the Plane

    One of the joys of my life is an exercise class I take twice a week, at which people my age engage in rhythmic stretching, light weight-lifting, balancing, leg strengthening, and aerobics.  And though each movement proceeds at a moderate pace, they leave you stimulated and healthy at the end of 45 minutes doing them continuously.
     But what does this have to do with travel?  Our instructor, Celeste Carlucci, has recently devised (and permitted me to publish) a series of exercises for passengers on an airplane.  They work!  They leave you feeling fresh and ready-to-go when you reach your destination.  And they can be done either when seated or standing at the back of the plane.
To do when seated:
     *Ankle exercises:  circle the foot out 10 times, circle in 10 times, then point and flex 10 times.  Do it for each foot.
     *Shoulder and neck exercises:  reach your shoulders up to your ears, hold for five seconds, release down for five seconds.  Repeat three times.  Look to your right, left, up, down.
     *March in seat:  hold in your abs and lift your right knee, then left knee, for 20 knee raises total. 
     *Buttock exercise:  squeeze the buttocks 10 times, and hold the 10th time for 10 seconds.  Repeat set 10 times. 
     *Back stretch:  sit up tall, spiral head right towards the back of the plane (as if you are looking at the person behind you) and hold for 10 seconds.  Repeat on left side. 
Standing exercises (in the back of the plane):
     *Ankle raises:  stand tall, feet shoulder-width in parallel position.  Lift heels up and down 10 times and hold in the air for the 10th time for 10 seconds.  Repeat. 
     *March in place:  focus on your posture and lengthen your spine.  March in place 20 times.
     *Calf stretches:  bend left knee, lunge right foot back, heel down for 10 seconds to stretch calf.  Repeat on the left.
     You can follow more of Celeste Carlucci's exercises for good health on Twitter: