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Where Can Our New "Easy Guides" and "Day by Day Guides" be Found? Answer: Everywhere, Both in Brick-and-Mortar Stores and Via Internet Mail Order Sites


We've received a great many inquiries asking where our brand-new, freshly-researched Easy Guides and Day by Day Guides can be bought.  Well, unless they're already sold out--and we're shipping additional supplies each week--they are found in all the major bookstores--both Barnes and Noble, Books a Million, and independent stores--and also on the internet sites that mail the books to you. (They will also be available in a couple of weeks as "E-Books").  The latter internet sites include (,,, and others.  Simply insert the words "Frommers Easy Guides" or "Frommers Day by Day Guides", and you'll be taken to the complete list. 

     You'll be pleasantly surprised, we think, to find that in many outlets, the Easy Guides priced at $10.95 sell for as little as $8.10, while the Day by Day Guides priced at $13.95 are sold by some book sellers at $10.42.

     We're especially proud of the fact that the new Easy Guides ("Quick to Read, Light to Carry") are no small pamphlets selling for an unusually low price, but are 256 pages in length, and include a full-size, fold-out, waterproof map inserted before the back cover.  There's never been a better book value (we modestly claim) for $10.95 (and less).  

     Starting slow with our re-launch of the Frommer series, we're publishing some 30 different titles during the present season, and that number will grow considerably in the year ahead.  Already,  by early spring, we'll be adding "National Parks of the American West", "The Virgin Islands", and "Germany" to our repertoire, and those will be joined by dozens more in the ensuing weeks and months. 

     Our Easy Guides and Day by Day Guides are "lighter than a tablet"--and they don't run out of power!  We hope you'll enjoy their use.