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Airline Warns About Playing Pokémon Go at Airports

Alaska Airlines doesn't think it's such a good idea for you to play Pokémon Go at the airport

Players of the hugely popular smartphone game, which uses your mobile device's camera and GPS to overlay whimsical digital creatures onto the real world, have, since the game's launch last month, wandered onto a military base and subway tracks, and discovered Pokémon characters at somber sites such as Arlington National Cemetery outside Washington, DC (the game's creators say they're working to remove locations that don't want to be involved).

In a warning posted to the company's blog, Alaska Airlines argues for adding airports to the list of places where you should maybe take a break from the game. Playing Pokémon Go in a busy airport corridor, with your eyes glued to your phone, could trip up your fellow passengers. And if you're not paying enough attention to the real world—especially in security lines—you could wind up causing trouble for yourself and others.

As a representative for the Port of Seattle (which operates the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport) put it, "You don't want to accidentally chase a Pikachu the wrong way through a security exit and have security chasing you down instead."