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American Airlines Adds More Checked Baggage Fees on International Flights

Once the norm, free checked bags on domestic flights are few and far between these days. Now at least one major airline is adding more fees for your first checked bag on some international flights as well.

As pointed out by travel blog One Mile at a Time, American Airlines now charges $25 to check one bag on flights to Mexico and the Caribbean, as well as to Central America and South America during certain times of the year—the times when most people want to go, of course. The airline's checked baggage policy also includes seasonal surges for a second checked bag on flights to many of those destinations.

You wouldn't think American was hard up for cash, seeing as how the company recently announced a second-quarter profit of $1.5 billion—helped along, no doubt, by this year's low gas prices. Guess they're not sharing their bounty with their customers.