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Aruba Wants to Pay You Back for Airline Baggage Fees | Frommer's MasterPhoto / Shutterstock

Aruba Wants to Pay You Back for Airline Baggage Fees

As if soft sands and turquoise waters aren't incentive enough to visit Aruba, the Caribbean island has now launched a promotion to reimburse visitors for their airline baggage fees.

Through May 31, the first 500 travelers who complete an online form with verifiable info about an upcoming trip to Aruba will receive a $60 Visa gift card, ostensibly to cover the cost of checked baggage fees, which start around $30 for the first checked bag per passenger on most major U.S. carriers.

The submission form asks travelers for their names, contact info, and dates of travel. Applicants must also upload some sort of proof, in the form of a flight itinerary or hotel reservation, showing that plans to go to Aruba have in fact been made. (You are not required to show that you will check a bag, however, so really you could use the $60 gift card for anything.)

Travel must be completed by December 31.

The offer is part of the Aruba Tourism Authority's newly launched campaign touting the "Aruba Effect," the state of being "when you bring your luggage, but lose your baggage—as in any emotional baggage you may be carrying," as the tourism office puts it. 

That's clunky but you get the picture. 

(Credit: Aruba Tourism Authority)

The promotion also comes with small discounts on tours from Pelican Adventures, Red Sail Adventures, and De Palm Tours.

The Lose Your Baggage offer is limited to residents of the U.S. (excepting Alaska, Hawaii, and Washington, D.C.) who are at least 18 years old. Only one person per household may apply. See the official rules page for other terms and conditions.

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