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Awe-Inspiring Images of Wintry Niagara Falls Amid Ice, Snow, and Rainbows | Frommer's Reuters

Awe-Inspiring Images of Wintry Niagara Falls Amid Ice, Snow, and Rainbows

Niagara Falls is a gobsmacking sight all year round, but winter weather can bring an added wow factor, cloaking the thundering cascades in ice and snow.

As you might have noticed, North America has received quite a bit of winter weather over the last couple weeks. All those chilly storms have left the iconic waterfalls on the border of Ontario and New York State looking like several very large scoops of vanilla ice cream.

On the American side, hardy visitors who take to the lower decks of the Cave of the Winds Winter Experience at Niagara Falls State Park have been treated in recent days to views of giant icicles hanging from American and Bridal Veil Falls as well as pillowy white formations at the base and, when the sun hits the scene just right, even rainbows. 

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In case you're wondering, the water still tumbles over the cliffs behind the curtains of ice, frigid temps notwithstanding. According to WorldAtlas, Niagara Falls has only frozen completely one time since people started keeping records, and that was in 1848.   

In addition to the self-guided Cave of the Winds walking tour, Niagara Falls State Park offers snowshoeing and a few other activities during its less active winter season

To see what the same view looks like on a summer day when the water is flowing, have a look at our feature all about what to do on the underrated American side of Niagara Falls