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Beer Prices Going up at Munich's Oktoberfest

The price for a stein of beer is going up at Munich's Oktoberfest this year.

Scheduled for September 16 through October 3, the Bavarian festival famous for brews, sausages, lederhosen, and oompah bands will be charging €10.95 (US$12.44) for each liter of the beer made especially for the event. 

That's €0.25 more than the cost in 2016 and a whopping €4.65 more than a single stein was going for in 2003.

You can opt for other beers at Oktoberfest, of course, but no liter being offered at any of the event's 14 tents will be cheaper than €10.60 (US$12.04).

But the true outrages are reserved for soft drinks. The average price for a liter of bottled water and lemonade will be €8.73 (US$9.92) and €9.55 (US$10.85), respectively.