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Bums Rush: Which Museum Has the Best Butt? | Frommer's JakubD / Shutterstock

Bums Rush: Which Museum Has the Best Butt?

By our count, there has been precisely one upside to museums having to close their doors due to the worldwide health crisis: The forced downtime freed up bored staffers to participate in Yorkshire Museum's weekly #CuratorBattle on Twitter. 

In the spring, the small archaeological museum in York, England, began posting social media challenges each Friday, inviting other institutions across the globe to share images of items in their collections according to a given theme. 

The most popular #CuratorBattle, posted in April, was a call for creepy objects that prompted a feast of nightmare fodder, including preserved body parts, porcelain dolls that look like they're plotting your murder, and a taxidermied mermaid that could ruin Disney's Ariel for you forever. 

Yorkshire Museum ended the weekly series on July 24, with a promise to return periodically with special battles in the future. 

But before bowing out, one of the final installments was a cheeky delight: Museums were challenged to reveal the finest backsides in their collections using the hashtag #BestMuseumBum

Curators obliged with posts showing off the marble glutes of Greek gods, the diapered derrieres of sumo wrestlers in watercolors, the capacious seats in suits of armor made for Henry VIII, and the skinless behinds of old anatomical models, among many other culturally, historically, and scientifically significant cabooses. 

We've posted a selection below. Given the subject matter, the appropriate thing would be to start from the bottom.