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California Improving Coastal Access with New Beach Wheelchairs | Frommer's Bonnie Lewkowicz

California Improving Coastal Access with New Beach Wheelchairs

Eighteen coastal sites in California—from Clam Beach, where Highway 101 meets the Pacific in northern Arcata, to lively Ocean Beach in San Diego—are getting new wheelchairs and other mobility equipment designed to roll on sand.

The state-run California Coastal Conservancy has approved a program to award grants to 11 different nonprofits so that they can purchase a total of 29 beach wheelchairs (24 manual, 5 motorized) and an all-terrain walker. The equipment will be provided free of charge to any sun seeker who needs it.

The grants also cover the costs of storage facilities and repair kits to keep everything in good running order. At some spots along the coast, the new wheelchairs will replace publicly available equipment that is outdated or in bad shape.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the new equipment should be in place and ready for a spin in time for the 2020 beach season.