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Cheese Tour of Philly and Nearby Farmland

If you're going to plan a vacation around a food item, you could do worse than cheese. 

For one thing, it's objectively delicious (except blue cheese, which is objectively gross). For another, it's associated with some lovely destinations in France, Italy, and elsewhere.

Crafting cheese-centric itineraries is the whole point of Cheese Journeys, a culinary tour operator that takes groups on cheddar odysseys through England and swiss-sampling trips in the Alps, not to mention visits to French farms, Tuscan villas, and Oregon vineyards.

In September, the company is setting out on its first East Coast tour, highlighting the artisanal cheese scene in Philadelphia and nearby Chester County, Pennsylvania. 

Led by Cheese Journeys founder Anna Juhl and expert Tenaya Darlington—otherwise known as Madame Fromage—the 4-day, 3-night experience includes a private tour of Philly's historic Italian Market and, in the rolling farmland of Chester County, visits to cheesemakers, cooking demos, vineyard tours, and a dinner at the acclaimed Talula's Table restaurant, where reservations are notoriously hard to come by.

The tour, which will take place September 1-4, costs $2,150 per person for single occupancy, $1,950 per person for double. That covers all of the above, plus lodging, meals, all classes and tours, and so many cheese samples you'll feel like a walking Kraft Single. Airfare, however, is not included.

For more information, check out the Cheese Journeys website.