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Colosseum Underground Tour Delves Into Restored Tunnels Below Ancient Roman Monument | Frommer's Walks of Italy

Colosseum Underground Tour Delves Into Restored Tunnels Below Ancient Roman Monument

Whether or not you think about the Roman Empire as often as the men of TikTok evidently do, you're likely to be intrigued by the opportunity to follow in gladiators' footsteps through the network of tunnels underneath the Colosseum in Rome

A guided tour now offers that chance in a newly restored portion of the ancient underground tunnels connecting the arena with the Ludus Magnus gladiatorial school where the fighters trained. 

(Inside the Colosseum in Rome | Credit: Walks of Italy)

Tour operator the Hornblower Group partnered with Rome's Parco Archeologico del Colosseo to complete the restoration, which was unveiled this summer.

A new permanent exhibit in the subterranean space aims to bring to life the atmosphere of 2,000 years ago (give or take) using multimedia installations and digital projections, as well as displays of artifacts such as weapons and armor used by gladiators in contests before tens of thousands of spectators in the Colosseum. 

Participants in the VIP Colosseum Underground Tour, available via Hornblower's Walks subsidiary, "step into restricted access areas that are off-limits to the general public," according to the Walks of Italy website.

In addition to entering the underground tunnels, attendees get a full tour of the Colosseum and, afterward, take a stroll to the Roman Forum and the Palatine Hill. Altogether, the experience, led by a "knowledgeable local guide," lasts 3.5 hours. 

(The Colosseum in Rome | Credit: prochasson frederic / Shutterstock)

As of this writing, the earliest available dates to book the VIP Colosseum Underground Tour are in December. Tickets cost $132 per person; that includes admission to the Colosseum. 

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