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Countries Where Tourists Outnumber Locals

According to numbers crunched by London's The Daily Telgraph, there are 51 countries where tourists outnumber locals

Using 2014 figures from the World Bank, the newspaper divided each country's total number of visitors by its population to come up with the list. Topping the chart is the tiny, mountainous principality of Andorra, a skiing mecca sandwiched between France and Spain. Andorra has just 70,000 permanent residents, yet received 2.36 million tourists in 2014. That comes out to 33.5 visitors per resident.

Next comes popular gambling destination Macau (24.8 tourists per resident) and then three Caribbean spots: the British Virgin Islands (12.8), Turks and Caicos (10.4), and Aruba (10.3).

One glaring exception from the list: Vatican City. It doesn't appear in the World Bank's database, the Telegraph points out, but with a resident population of only 842 and annual visitors numbering around 5 million, it gets 6,000 tourists per citizen.