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Disney World's Strict Rules for Wearing Halloween Costumes

Ever wondered why you don't see more adult guests at Disney World in Orlando wearing costumes? Simple. They're not allowed on anybody over 14—except, of course, for the people getting paid to don character getups.   

Costumes can be worn by guests 13 and younger, but they're subject to several restrictions, including bans on masks that cover the full face and accessories that could be mistaken for real weapons.

There is, however, one time of year when adult visitors are free to sport costumes at the Magic Kingdom, too: during Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party, a ticketed, after-hours event being held now through October.

But, once again, there are a lot of rules. A sampling:

* No posing for photos or signing autographs for other guests

* No masks

* No dresses or capes that go all the way to the ground

* Wings should be transparent and shouldn't be big enough to smack passersby

* If your costume involves layers and complicated props, you might be subject to additional security screening

* No revealing clothing

* Light sabers, plastic swords, and tutus are fine (though if you wear them in the same look you're going to confuse your fellow park-goers)

* Generally speaking, don't wear anything Disney might deem obstructive, offensive, objectionable, or violent. Otherwise, you might not be let in.