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Dive in! World's Deepest Pool Now Open in Poland | Frommer's Ennoti / Flickr

Dive in! World's Deepest Pool Now Open in Poland

A new aquatic facility in Poland lays claim to having the "deepest diving pool in the world."

Located in the town of Mszczonów (about 30 miles southwest of Warsaw), the aptly named Deepspot (pictured above) reaches a depth of a little more than 45 meters (almost 150 ft.). How'd you like to be the lifeguard in charge of retrieving swimmers' lost retainers in that community pool?

Actually, the 8,000 cubic meters (211,000 gallons) of water aren't intended for casual dips but for scuba and free diving. The massive pool gives novices and pros alike the chance to learn or hone ocean exploration skills in spacious, near-ideal conditions, with crystal-clear visibility and water temps kept at a comfy 32 degrees Celsius (90°F). 

Submerged features, including caves and an artificial shipwreck, keep divers occupied and offer them training obstacles.

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Among Deepspot's above-water offerings: classrooms for starting or advancing scuba training under the tutelage of certified instructors and, for landlubbers, a walk-through tunnel with wraparound views of the water.  

A restaurant and underwater hotel rooms with aquarium-like windows facing the pool are in the works as well.

When the U.K.'s Blue Abyss is completed near Liverpool in 2022, its depth of 50 meters (164 ft.) will take the world's-deepest-pool title from Deepspot. But the U.K. facility is intended primarily for scientific and commercial research purposes.

For members of the general public, Deepspot will still be as low as you can go in a pool.