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Family Credits Shark-Tracking App in Close Call with Great White

A Massachusetts family had a close call with a great white shark this week, and they're crediting a new app for saving the day. 

Kressley Goldstein, her sister-in-law, her husband, and their two kids were spending a quiet afternoon on Cape Cod's Chatham beach, when Goldstein got a notification from Sharktivity, an app launched by the non-profit Atlantic White Shark Conservancy. The app is designed to alert beachgoers when the predators are nearby.

Goldstein persuaded her family to start packing up their boat, which was anchored just offshore. Sure enough, a 14-foot great white shark, named James by the conservancy, soon went swimming by, mere feet from the vessel. One of the kids, who was already on the boat, got a photo.

Fortunately, nobody in the family was in the water—for which they have Sharktivity to thank. The app debuted just this month, and you might consider downloading it if you're going to be in Cape Cod this summer.