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Fans in Uproar Over Closing of Disney's Tower of Terror

The gut-wrenching Tower of Terror elevator drop at Disney California Adventure in Anaheim will let fall its last batch of thrill seekers in early January of next year—and fans are none too pleased. 

When Disney announced plans to turn the tower into a Guardians of the Galaxy attraction, reaction on social media was swift and overwhelmingly negative. Many have accused the park of selling out its beloved classics to chase trends, while others speculate that Disney is trying to get itself a Marvel ride (Disney bought the comics juggernaut in 2009) without having to build one from scratch. Tower of Terror has a Twilight Zone theme.

The ride's Guardians of the Galaxy revamp is expected to be finished at some point in 2017. It's unclear what the future holds for the original Tower of Terror at Disney World in Orlando.