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Flight Attendants Union Files Grievance Over New American Airlines Uniforms

At least 300 American Airlines flight attendants say that their new uniforms—issued by the carrier in September—are making them sick.  

The flight attendants' union filed a grievance letter with the company last week, asserting that the new duds, which have been rolled out to 70,000 employees, have caused health problems ranging from skin irritation to headaches. The union wants American to stop issuing the uniforms or let employees go back to wearing the old ones. 

Responding to the grievance, officials at the airline say the company will run another safety test of the garments, which have passed three earlier in-house trials. 

Additionally, American has set up a call center to take complaints from flight attendants, and vows that any employee who has a reaction to the new uniforms will be allowed to wear the former set.