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Furor Over Norwegian Cruise Line's New Beverage Policy

A new beverage policy adopted by Norwegian Cruise Line has kicked up a storm on the internet. Numerous fans and passengers have expressed outrage via social media over a rule banning people from bringing any outside beverages—including a single bottle of water—aboard the company's ships. It has become common practice among cruisers to bring along extra cases of bottled water or soda for drinking in their cabins or while touring at ports of call. But now they'll have to buy those beverages from one of the ship's bars or room service. For one large bottle of water, that will set you back $6.49; for a case of 12, the price is $47.14. For water. Which, last we checked, is still two parts hydrogen, one part oxygen, no parts gold. 

Norwegian says that security concerns are behind the ban. It's set to go into effect on July 15.