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Holiday Flight Delayed? This Hard Seltzer Company Will Buy You a Drink | Frommer's Vizzy Hard Seltzer

Holiday Flight Delayed? This Hard Seltzer Company Will Buy You a Drink

Air travel could drive anybody to drink nowadays, so maybe it makes sense that liquor companies are trying to ease our flying woes this holiday season. 

Last week we told you about a Maker's Mark promotion that will reimburse checked baggage fees.

Now, the hard seltzer company Vizzy has announced it will buy a drink for anyone whose flight is delayed on the busiest holiday travel days this year—today through December 23.

The drink doesn't have to be hard seltzer, either. 

All you have to do is go to, submit your date of birth to prove you're of legal drinking age, and enter your flight delay info. (See the giveaway's official rules and fine print here.) 

The first 5,000 participants who are eligible will get a prepaid gift card for $8. You'll be notified within 48 hours if you're getting this holiday bonus.

Hoping to tipple in the terminal? Vizzy will be giving away samples of its products in Denver International Airport and Chicago-Midway International Airport this week. 

Look for the bright yellow stand near gate G29 in Denver on Wednesday, December 22, and near gate A7 at Midway on Thursday, December 23. 

You don't have to be delayed to get a sample at those airports. And hey, the company claims Vizzy is semi-good for you—the seltzer is dosed with Vitamin C, apparently. No word on whether that helps with hangovers.