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Hotel for Liberals Coming to Washington, D.C. | Frommer's Gage [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Hotel for Liberals Coming to Washington, D.C.

Well-to-do liberal travelers with lodging preferences that are more detailed than "anywhere but a Trump hotel" now have a brand aimed squarely at securing their business. 

In 2018, Langham Hospitality Group is relaunching its Eaton hotels, now renamed Eaton Workshop, with properties in Washington, D.C. and Hong Kong (where Langham is based). Programming, amenities, and artwork will be intended to appeal to left-wingers, artsy types, and millennials—or, as Eaton's website puts it, "an inclusive tribe of changemakers and creatives."

According to Bloomberg, the 209-room D.C. hotel, which is expected to open next spring, will feature progressive art installations, political lectures on issues like climate change, and workspaces—both private and communal—for artists and activists. There will also be a yoga studio, movie theater, and music venue.

Room rates are expected to "hover in the upper $200s," Bloomberg predicts—so the place isn't exactly an Occupy Wall Street tent city. 

After the Hong Kong property begins welcoming guests next summer, the company has plans to get started on additional Eaton hotels in San Francisco and Seattle.