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How to Find a Seder if You're Traveling During Passover

The Jewish holiday of Passover starts at sundown on April 10 and continues for eight days. If you happen to be traveling during that time, you should be able to find a Seder near you, thanks to Chabad-Lubavitch, a Jewish organization renowned for its outreach efforts.

Chabad is hosting hundreds of Seders on the first two nights of the holiday at locations around the world, including spring vacation hotspots in the Caribbean, Central America, Florida, and Southern California.  

Altogether, the planned events span six continents and more than two dozen countries, from Canada to Cambodia. The Seders are free and open to the public, though you should let hosts know ahead of time that you're planning to attend so they can make food arrangements.

You can search an international directory of Seders at Chabad's website.