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In China, You Can Go to a Restaurant in a Retired Boeing 737

Lily Airways, a restaurant housed inside a retired Boeing 737 in Wuhan, China (photo: leo_lijie/Instagram)

We recently told you about a dinner experience in Los Angeles that transports guests back to the golden age of air travel by serving them inside an old grounded Pan Am Airways craft, outfitted to look exactly as it did in 1973, right down to the perky stewardesses and ample legroom.

You can get a similar effect—albeit without the same nostalgia factor—at Lily Airways, a new restaurant in Wuhan, China, that's housed inside a retired Boeing 737.

In keeping with the airline theme, members of the wait staff are dressed like flight attendants and there's an aviation simulator in the cockpit.

The businessman who owns the establishment says it cost about $5.2 million to buy the plane, relocate it, and transform it into an elegant restaurant. It can accommodate 70 diners at a time, and meals go for around $30-$45 per person.

Isn't that roughly what those little snack boxes cost on United?