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In Development: A Supersonic Jet That Zips Between London and NYC in About Three Hours

Supersonic commercial air travel between London and New York—which has been on pause ever since the demise of Concorde in 2003—could resume in the not too distant future.

Billionaire Richard Branson of Virgin Group has partnered with a startup called Boom Technology to develop a passenger jet that travels at more than double the speed of sound

That means you could cross the pond in only about 3.5 hours. Which doesn't even give you enough time to watch all of Lawrence of Arabia

A conventional transatlantic flight, by contrast, lasts just under 7 hours—time enough to watch all of Lawrence of Arabia and most of Gone with the Wind (though you'd miss the swear word at the end). 

The speedy aircraft from Boom and Branson would carry 55 passengers, and a round-trip ticket will cost you an estimated $5,000.

Wow, whoever said time is money wasn't kidding. 

Developers of the jet hope to have reached the testing phase by 2020.