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In Idaho, You Can Spend the Night in a Giant Potato | Frommer's Otto Kitsinger/AP Images for Idaho Potato Commission

In Idaho, You Can Spend the Night in a Giant Potato

On a farm near downtown Boise, a 6-ton replica of Idaho's most famous agricultural product is now available for overnight stays.

The Big Idaho Potato Hotel is a 28-foot long, 12-foot wide, 11.5-foot tall structure built from steel, plaster, and concrete to resemble one of the state's beloved Russet Burbank spuds. 

The Idaho Potato Commission created the titanic tuber for the organization's 75th anniversary in 2012, then sent the thing out on the road for a promotional tour. 

Retired from service in 2019, the potato has now been converted to a cute and cozy dwelling by Kristie Wolfe (pictured above), a former team member on the tour and a tiny-home designer. 

The property, which can be booked via Airbnb, sits amid 400 acres of farmland just south of Idaho's capital city. 

(Credit: Airbnb)

The potato's pink-and-white interior is as inviting as you'd expect from a comfort food. There's a queen bed, indoor fireplace, mini fridge, and air conditioning (so that summer temps don't turn you into a baked potato). 

The bathroom, located a short walk away, is housed in a converted grain silo outfitted with hanging plants and a soaking tub. 

(Credit: Otto Kitsinger/AP Images for Idaho Potato Commission)

There's no television or Wi-Fi on the premises, but you can keep yourself busy by exploring the grounds, where a friendly Jersey cow grazes amid views of the Owyhee Mountains. 

Nightly rates for the Big Idaho Potato Hotel are $200. Visit Airbnb to make a reservation.

(Credit: Airbnb)

If the oversized vegetable is all booked up but you have your heart set on staying inside an example of quirky Idaho architecture, maybe you can settle for the Dog Bark Park Inn, a hotel shaped like a two-story beagle in the town of Cottonwood about 200 miles north of Boise.