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In Late Autumn, Fly to Iceland for $99 Each Way | Frommer's Hafsteinn Robertsson/Flickr

In Late Autumn, Fly to Iceland for $99 Each Way

The following is in the nature of a “believe-it-or-not” category of travel.  

A scrappy budget airline of Iceland (the aptly named WOW Air) has just announced that for scattered flights to Reykjavik in August, September, and October, it will charge only $99 each way!

Specifically, you’ll be able to fly to Iceland’s capital from 10 U.S. cities at that remarkable price.  

And these take-off locations are: Boston, St. Louis, Dallas, Cleveland, Chicago, Pittsburgh, San Francisco, Washington, D.C., Cincinnati, and New York City.

Although that $99 outlay will take you only to Iceland, you can pay another reasonable sum to fly onward to Europe (like $179 to Brussels).  

The $99 price is already being sold, but obviously, not all flights are priced at the breathtaking $99.  

Surely, this is 2018’s stellar bargain.

WOW Air is at