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Island Paradise Opens for Anyone Who Takes the Covid Vaccine | Frommer's Pixabay

Island Paradise Opens for Anyone Who Takes the Covid Vaccine

Last summer, the archipelago of Fernando de Noronha, off the coast of Brazil, tried to save its tourism industry by expressly inviting people who had contracted Covid-19 and recovered.

Now that the coronavirus vaccines are rolling out, another island paradise is putting out the call for a different set of travelers: those who have been vaccinated.

Effective immediately, the Seychelles, a resort destination set in the Indian Ocean east of Kenya, will admit anyone who can present proof of receiving all doses of vaccination in the form of what officials call an "authentic certificate from their national health authority."

If visitors to the island group can prove they have been vaccinated, they no longer have to quarantine—from the moment they leave the airport, they'll be allowed to run free and play.

Like things used to be—remember?

However, even a vaccinated traveler must also present proof of a Covid-19 test that is no older than three days. That's because although the vaccines are mostly effective in warding off serious illness, there is still some question about whether someone who has received the vaccine can unknowingly pass the virus to others.

By March, even proof of vaccination will no longer be demanded in the Seychelles. Because the population there is now rapidly being vaccinated (using the Sinopharm vaccine from China), leaders expect so many locals to have been protected by then that only a negative Covid-19 test will be required of incoming visitors. 

The Seychelles, an impossibly idyllic setting of perfect beaches and stylish hotels, are particularly popular with European tourists.