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JetBlue's Current Flash Sale Is Impressive—But Has Big Limitations | Frommer's JetBlue Airways

JetBlue's Current Flash Sale Is Impressive—But Has Big Limitations

OK, I'm writing this blog post quickly since this sale ends soon—at midnight on Friday, October 29, to be precise.

But if you can get your fall/winter plans in order by that time, you could be winging your way to a top destination for as little as $31, including government taxes and fees.


You see, the problem with this promotion is that it's for JetBlue's lowest fare class, Blue Basic, which doesn't allow passengers to check a bag for free—or even bring more than one small bag on the plane.

So unless you're one of those weirdos who tries to wear several sets of clothing on board to avoid carrying any luggage, you'll be paying the airfare plus $35 to check your bag (if you remember to check it at the front of the airport) or a whopping $65 (if you get caught with it at the gate).

The sale also does not cover flights taken on Fridays or Sundays.

Still, even with the checked bag fees, you might be able to pay less than you would on other carriers with this one. Some of the discounted city pairs include:

• New York to or from Denver, Boston, Miami, Atlanta, San Antonio, Worcester (MA) or Nashville for $31 each way
• Chicago to/from Fort Lauderdale for $31 each way
• Austin to/from Los Angeles for $44, to/from Fort Lauderdale for $31
• Philadelphia to/from Boston or Fort Lauderdale for $31

• San Juan to/from New York or Newark for $89
• Charlotte to/from Boston for $49
• Las Vegas to/from Los Angeles for $31, to/from Hartford (CT) for $79, to Cancún for $99

And there are more deals beyond those, too, if you move quickly. To see them all, go to JetBlue's Monster Sale.