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Listen to Live Radio from Around the World with This Melodious Website | Frommer's BrAt82/Shutterstock

Listen to Live Radio from Around the World with This Melodious Website

There's no replacing travel when it comes to expanding your horizons.  

But after nearly a year at home, I'm finding small ways to make my world feel larger—it's kind of like being on a strict diet and rediscovering how sweet common fruits can taste.

One of those tiny treats: listening to radio from around the globe.

A website called Radio Garden makes that easy to do.

Go to the site and you'll see a giant map of the world speckled with neon green dots, each representing a location with radio signals.

Hover over one of the dots and you'll hear live audio from a radio station there, with the option of listening to other nearby points on the dial as well.

When I positioned my cursor over tiny Beaver Island, Michigan, I got several pop and country tunes as well as a public radio station playing ethereal Gregorian chants.

Go outside North America for even more variety.

I drifted over to Kilkenny, Ireland, and heard a recipe for Turkish delight delivered in a rich brogue. Not too far away in Ballyhaunis, I happened upon a delightful traditional Irish music session from a pub.

A station in Belvedere Marittimo, Italy, was playing pop music with driving drums, Italian lyrics—and was that an accordion? From the Sudanese capital of Khartoum, an a cappella vocalist hummed and chanted what sounded like a prayer.

The stations of Ahmedabad, India, made me want to dance—each song featured an orchestra's worth of rhythm sounds undergirding nasal-toned wind instruments and sinuous vocals.

To take your own ears on a free world tour, visit the Radio Garden website.