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Love Chocolate? Check Out Slovenia’s New Chocolate-Obsessed Lodge | Frommer's Chocolate Village by the River

Love Chocolate? Check Out Slovenia’s New Chocolate-Obsessed Lodge

A new retreat in Slovenia will put to the test any chocolate lovers who refuse to believe there can be too much of a good thing. 

Located near vineyards and the red-roofed city of Maribor in the country's northeast, Chocolate Village by the River kicks vacations into choco-overdrive with chocolate breakfasts, chocolate-making workshops, melted-chocolate massages, and even toiletries made from chocolate, including soap and—dentists, avert your eyes—toothpaste.

The property features a cluster of 11 lodges in three different room styles, each named after a kind of cocoa.

Some units are treehouses; others have their own hot tubs and fireplaces. All have abundant views of the adjoining Drava river, which is not made of chocolate, presumably to prevent accidents of the sort that befell Augustus Gloop at Willy Wonka's factory

(Chocolate Village by the River)

Speaking of which, there's an honest-to-goodness chocolate manufacturer located near the lodge. According to The Independent, the Teta Frida sweets factory perfumes even the air with the scent of chocolate during stays. If they're enticed by the smell, Chocolate Village guests can sign up for tastings and classes at Teta Frida to get their other four senses involved. 

Beyond chocolate-related activities, the lodge sits along the international Drava bike trail (which also follows the waterway through Italy, Austria, and Croatia) and is minutes from the Maribor Pohorje Ski Resort.

Nightly rates at Chocolate Village by the River start at €200 ($222). Visit the resort's website for more information or to book a stay.