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Luxury Tour of "Outlander" Locations in Scotland

We can't help you follow in the exact footsteps of Outlander's Claire Randall Fraser. After all, she toggles between the 20th and the 18th centuries on that hit Starz show, and, unfortunately, time travel is the one type of travel Frommer's hasn't mastered yet.

But for superfans of the series drawn to the beauty of its Scottish filming locations, luxury travel company Artisans of Leisure has the next best thing: a 10-day Outlander-themed vacation in Scotland.  

The private tour includes the services of an expert guide, accommodations at opulent hotels and resorts, and stops at numerous locales featured in Outlander—both the TV series and the novels by Diana Gabaldon. Edinburgh, the Scottish Highlands, Fort William, Inverness, and the Perthshire countryside are all on the itinerary. 

The focus might be on the 18th century, but the prices have been adjusted for the present—and then some. The trip will set you back $12,650.