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Meet Ozzie, the Only Giraffe in Nevada—And a Painter, Too

Travelers with overlapping interests in art and animals may want to add the Lion Habitat Ranch to their itineraries for any upcoming trips to Las Vegas. 

The animal sanctuary, which is actually located in suburban Henderson, is home to Ozzie, who holds the distinctions of being the only giraffe in Nevada and a prolific artist. 

With the help of trainers and an artist from local gallery Art de Vignettes, 3-year-old Ozzie has learned to paint by holding a brush in his teeth.

(Photo: Instagram / @blairmosberg)

Ozzie has turned out a slew of original abstract works, which are available for sale (starting at $40) at the ranch and via an online gallery. A portion of the proceeds goes to support the animal sanctuary, a nonprofit where several big cats live, too.