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Mexican Mansion of Drug Kingpin Pablo Escobar Turned Into Luxury Hotel

A mansion that once belonged to '80s drug kingpin Pablo Escobar has been turned into a luxury hotel in Tulum, Mexico

After sitting vacant for the last 14 years, the 35-room property has been renovated and transformed into the Casa Malca, an elegant inn set next to a beach on Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula. The place is filled with contemporary art from the collection of its new owner, Lio Lamca, an art dealer based in New York.'

Other amenities include a pool, rooftop deck, and restaurant. 

It all sounds pretty chichi for a spot associated with Escobar, the "King of Cocaine" who ran the very violent and highly lucrative Colombian Medellin Cartel before he was killed in a shootout in 1993. His story has recently been dramatized in the Netflix series Narcos.

A stay at Casa Malca will set you back €450 (US$513) per night.