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Mississippi River Towns Plan Events for Annual Bald Eagle Migration

Spotting a bald eagle along the Mississippi River—what could possibly be more all-American than that? Maybe eating a triple cheeseburger while attending a NASCAR race with the ghost of John Wayne would qualify. But an eagle is more majestic, don't you think?

The best months for catching sight of the iconic birds alongside the Upper Mississippi are January and February, when they migrate south by the thousands, keeping close to the water to feed on fish and roost in the surrounding bluffs. 

Illinois and Iowa river towns along the route are hosting special events to mark the annual occasion

You can attend informational sessions, demonstrations, watch parties, photo exhibits, bus tours, Native American activities, and more at events including Bald Eagle Days in Rock Island, Illinois (January 6-8) and Iowa's Dubuque Bald Eagle Watch (January 21).

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